About us

Welcome to WiggyTV!

WiggyTV exists to serve as an archival space and forum for commentary of episodes and clips from the infamous Howard Stern Show, specifically episodes and clips produced by Howard TV onDemand. WiggyTV is operated by an anonymous collective of Howard Stern fans. We're not out to make money off of this - this site will always be free for everyone, and we will never make any profit from it.

We will continue to source, archive and upload Howard TV content for the foreseeable future. If you're interested in learning how you can help us with this mission, please keep reading. If not, fuck off.

So, why the fuck are we doing this?

The WiggyTV Team, probably like you, are tenured fans of the Howard Stern Show (at least in its previous form). Like most fans, Howard TV content is some of our favorite content ever produced for the Stern Show. Regardless of how you feel about it, there's no denying that the current HSS is a mere shadow of what it once was fucking sucks.

However, for some reason, Howard and his team seem to be completely against any Howard TV content from being shared online, or shared at all. Jason and the rest of the HSS and Sirius Staffers spend a lot of time ensuring that the content you see here stays hidden from public view in an attempt to memory hole the content (and some of the people) out of show history and existence. We believe that this content deserves a space to be archived and discussed in a public forum.

tl;dr - The show fucking sucks now, and we think the old Howard TV content deserves a place on the internet to be archived and discussed in a public forum. Read a fucking book on fair use or something and then go enjoy the videos. Why are you even reading this?

How you can help

If you've made it this far, thanks for your eagerness to help out. Here are some ways that you can help us make this place better:

  • Create an account and like your favorite content and comment with the community
  • If you have any special background on a video (especially missing "Original air dates"), post it in a comment
  • Submit your favorite content
  • Donate some cash to help us pay the bills

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